7 days a geekMy podcast playlist keeps me in anticipation each and every week. I pull down to refresh and it feels like I am playing the slots with a 100% chance to win. One of my favorite jackpots is when the 7 Days a Geek podcast rolls out a new pod. It is a highlight and I find myself skipping other shows to listen to The Angry Ginger and the rest of the crew at Monkey Poo Studios. Pop-Culture, movies, comics – pretty much everything that I am interested in pops up from time to time on the 7DAG show.

I originally started following the hosts of the show on one of their other podcasts: The Last Podcaster Standing. TLPS has been on hiatus and it is much missed in the podcasting world. At least, in my podcasting world. Loved this show. I have never listened to a more off the wall podcast with a more entertaining cast. It was a group of friends that just got together and shot the shit for a little while each week. When they announced their hiatus – seems like it might be permanent now – I had heard The Angry Ginger talk about another show he was doing called 7 Days a Geek. I did not have to give this new podcast the Three Episode Challenge. I subscribed and started playing catch up on the backlog.

7 days a geek7 Days A Geek is hosts by Jason, The Angry Ginger. The rest of the cast changes from time to time but The Angry Ginger is the constant voice of the show. Because of the very transparent nature of the cast, you get to know the people, their families and a lot about their lives. You get to know them. You get to look forward to their voices streaming into your ears each week and the laughter and joy they bring tot he table helps get you through the week. Unlike most of the podcasts I listen to during the week, these are regular folks with real jobs talking about what they Geek Out About. That is the recipe that makes 7 Days a Geek wonderful.

The cast of the cast:

  • The Angry Ginger is the core. The ever present. The persistent voice on this podcast. He is the driving force. Others come and go, but Jason always seems to push through and keeps the show rolling… several shows rolling… he keeps over 1000 podcasts going at any given time. OK, not a 1000 but there is a podcast out there or one to be made he has thought about it.
  • The Kilted One is currently MIA as of the writing of this article. Grant is just as quick-witted as Jason, just as technically savvy and his want for podcasting perfection is at the highest level. He floats into and out of the podcasting scene and this show from time to time but I do love it when he makes it on the show. Grant, you are missed.
  • Agent Palmer is one of the newest additions to the show. Starting as a lowly producer, he is now on air talent. I am looking forward to his next yearly review.

7 days a geekFor the last two years, The 7 Days a Geek crew has put on an event that they have dubbed Podtoberfest. The first year it was a 24 hour podcast. 2016 Saw a multi-day marathon. The show then gets cut up for November and we get to experience 30 Days of podcasting. Again, they are groundbreaking and I can’t recommend this show enough.

I have learned a lot from listening to these guys over the years. Here are just a few takeaways:

  1. The 3 Episode Challenge – This applies to everything. Podcasts, TV Shows, etc. Watch three of anything before you give up on it.
  2. BitCoins – Not a good podcast topic…
  3. Always Be Creating. Do not give up. If one project doesn’t take off, try soemthing else. Keep those creative juices flowing.
  4. Be Real. Don’t shy away from letting the audience now you or get to know you.
  5. Don’t Ever Do the Cinnamon Challenge! EVER!

7 Days A Geek