samsung galaxy s8Below is a list of the 25 Leaked New Features of the Galaxy S8 which is set to be released on April 21st. Hopefully, I will have one of these sooner than later. I will be waiting to make sure it doesn’t blow up first.

  1. 5.8 Inch Display
  2. 148.9mm x 68.1 mm x 8.0 mm and weighs in at one gram less than the S7
  3. The S8 Plus has a 6.2 inch display – holy crap that is huge
  4. Ultra wide aspect ratio on both versions
  5. Standard resolution is 1080p to save battery life
  6. Curved OLED displays
  7. No physical home button
  8. External stereo speakers
  9. 4 GB of RAM – no upgrade has been mentioned
  10. Exynos 8895 chipset in both phones
  11. Along with the standard fingerprint scanner, both models will have gesture recognition
  12. Fingerprint scanner is still set to be on the back at the top of the phone near the camera lens
  13. Iris scanner – if it is fast enough to unlock this might be what I use
  14. 8MP front facing camera
  15. samsung galaxy s812MP just like the S7 series but they also have laser autofocus so, these cameras will be fast
  16. Same batteries as the S7 and with bigger displays this might be an issue. Of course, when you take in the issues they had with the Note 7 – it might be a good thing in the long run.
  17. Faster wireless charging
  18. 64GB os internal storage and they are keeping the SD slot – thank god. I assumed they would lose the SD slot this time.
  19. Dual-band gigabit WIFI plus Bluetooth 4.2 – WOOT!
  20. USB Type C
  21. They are keeping the headphone jack. With the battery life concerns, this is a good move.
  22. Look for the pricing to be between 799 and 949 USD depending on the make and model you choose.
  23. Multiple colors: black, blue, gold, orchid gray and silver
  24. Guard S8 warranty system
  25. DeX Station – charging station with all kinds of cool features. Literally, it has a cooling feature.

This is my dream phone as of right now. It will depend on how they perform over the first month of being out. If it works well and doesn’t explode… I will have to have one.

I got this information primarily from an article on – here is the link: