There is no replacement for vintage 1970s Console Display Lamps. There is a reason for that, they are vintage and no one is making them anymore. If you are going steampunk or cosplaying as your favorite robot from the 70s or 80s, there is no other way than to source these from somewhere that has the real thing. These are assorted bulbs from the 1970s that came off mainframes. modern computers don’t use these anymore, of course, but there are still reasons why you might need a handful of these laying around.

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1970s Console Display Lamps

From Zenon Kraft:
Genuine 1970’s IBM System 370 mainframe computer display lamps with display tag and gift box. Great gift for geek, techie, engineer, computer history buff, IBMer.

Removed from working equipment decades ago after it was sold for recycling. You get 5 lamps with card and gift box. Colors are random, mostly white, but you will receive at least 2 different colors.

Display props are NOT included, such as ruler, silver dollar, old photos.

Genuine, used, 50 year old, recycled computer equipment. Not guaranteed to work in your System 370.


  • Exactly as advertised: these bulbs are beautiful and in good shape. Wonderful piece of computing history.
  • Just as described. Thank you. I wonder what voltage they operate on?
  • Very nice. I like them!