GizChina released an article: 10 Things We Are Hoping To See On Android Phones In 2023. Some of the items I would argue already exist, at least to some extent, but this is still a pretty solid list.

Originally posted on GizChina:

10 Things We Are Hoping To See On Android Phones In 2023We not only set good goals for ourselves, but also for our phones. 2023 will mark the release of Android 14 and, while we are learning more and more about Google‘s upcoming operating system, we also have our own wish list of features we hope to see in 2023 Android smartphones. Some of these features are already rumored, while others would be welcome if they become real.


10 Things We Are Hoping To See On Android Phones In 2023 according to GizCHina:

  • Advanced System Backup – This one is a real issue and something I would like Android phones to mimic Apple on. A simple fast backup would be great, especially if it is built in.
  • Better Camera Quality on Social Media Apps – I am currently rocking an S22 Ultra, and my camera quality is fine. I get what the push is here for some Android phones and especially for less expensive models but the camera quality is there in some cases.
  • System Integrated Desktop Mode – I believe this is already baked into Android. I don’t know when this became a standard feature but I know that it is already a tool on my last two Samsung phones.
  • A New Revolutionary User Interface on Android Smartphones – As long as they give me the ability to roll back to the one I am used to, I am always happy with something new and revolutionary. Put a chip in my brain and let me control it with my thoughts.
  • Add Widgets to the Lock Screen – I only use the lock screen to get the time and maybe the weather. I don’t know what else I need my lock screen to do.
  • Dynamic Island – I do like the look of the dynamic island on Apple products and how it looks and how easy it is to display info there. There is probably an app to download on Android that will do the same thing. This is an aesthetic feature for the most part but it does look good.
  • Faster System Updates – I think everybody hates how long system updates take. Dito to this one.
  • Satellite Connections – And ditto to this one as well. I know satellite connections are getting more and more popular
  • Improve Gesture Navigation on Android Smartphones – I don’t use the gesture features on my phone so I am not a good person to be for or against these. That being said, some folks dig it so by all means let’s make it better.
  • Custom Privacy Settings for Apps – Anytime you can customize the use of an app, I am all for it.