10 Little Known Instagram Features

10 Little Known Instagram FeaturesI am not a power user on Instagram but I have played with it a little bit. That being said, I love to learn more about any of the technologies I use and some of these pieces of Instagram I had no idea about. 

  • Instagram Boomerang App – The Instagram Boomerang app is how those top influencers are creating short looping videos on Instagram. This app is available on Android and iOS. Give those videos some extra punch.
  • Collages – Us the Layout app to create amazing, thought-provoking collages. If a picture is worth a thousand words then four pictures should cover 4000. With the Layout app telling stories with pictures is simple and effective.
  • Notifications – Go to the person you are following and hit the Following button. You will have the option to turn on notifications for that person. The next time the post you will get a push, notification. This is a great way to stay connected and on top of things. 
  • Comment Filtering – Choose the Hide Offensive Comments button on the site or if you want to eliminate a particular word or phrase, Settings -> Privacy -> Comments and then choose the Manual Filter option.
  • Finding Good Hashtags – Type # and then your search words and see what people are using on their posts that might be related to yours. Do the research before you start tagging. 
  • Find Recent Posts You Liked – Settings -> Account -> Posts You’ve Liked – this will give you the last 300 posts that you liked on Instagram. Really helpful if you liked something recently and you need to go back to it. 
  • Private Stories – Go to Settings -> Privacy -> Story. Click on the 0 People option below the Hide Story From selection. This will take you to a screen that lets you select the people that you do not want to see your story.
  • Remove Tags of Yourself – Click that photo in Instagram that is unflattering but that your friends have tagged you in. You will get two options: Hide from Profile or Remove Me From Post. Pretty simple, right?
  • Clearing the Instagram Search History – I had no idea this was even a thing. Go to Settings, then Security. Once you are there clear the search history. 
  • Edit like a Pro – This is directly from Influencive: “You can do a lot more than using a simple filter on your photo. To make your post stand out and gain more engagement in the Instagram world, you can choose from a variety of other editing tools. Instagram lets you modify saturation, structure, brightness, contrast, and warmth. Try playing around with the various options, and you will see your photos undergoing an unbelievable transformation.”

The bulk of this article came from a an article on Influencive.com.